After losing a family member too soon to breast cancer, my family became really involved in the local Race for the Cure ®. Wanting to do more, I looked into combining my favorite hobby, scrapbooking, with a way to raise money for our local affiliate. I came across Crop for the Cure ® on the internet and contacted the local Susan G. Komen office to find out if there was a local crop I could participate in. They told me they currently didn’t have a Crop for the Cure ®, but I could submit a proposal to the board to start one. I wasn’t sure what to think; could I really organize one? I had never even been to a crop before. Of course, I had to try. The proposal was accepted and plans were underway for Evansville’s first Crop for the Cure ® 2005. With a few yard signs and a lot of word of mouth, I slowly began receiving registrations. I enlisted the help of some family and friends to help me put this awesome fundraiser together. The building rental fee and all snacks were donated by Expressway Dodge which freed-up all the registration money to go directly to the cause. At the end of the crop, there were 60 registered participants that helped to raise $2200…not bad for the first year!

I knew this awesome event would grow, just not so quickly. In 2006, I thought we would draw 150 or so croppers. I was shocked to have to cut-off the registration at 220 participants. I was even more shocked (and pleased) that we were able to raise $6800 for the cause! Quite a jump from the first year!

As 2007 approached, I wondered how many participants that our “little” crop would bring. I am excited to say that within a few weeks we maxed out our registration at 250 participants. Needless to say, we probably turned 60+ people away due to space constraints. So, what did all of this mean? How about an incredible $11,500 donation for the 2007 crop! In 2008, two Saturdays in March, with crops filling up at 250 each. We raised $18,000, and in 2009, 500 croppers raised $16,500. In 2010, $16,000 was raised and finally in 2011, we raised another $18,000! In 2012 we raised $15,000, in 2013, $13,000 & in 2014, $17,000.


I must admit that presenting the check to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Greater Evansville Affiliate this year was one of my proudest moments. A year of preparation, weeks of no sleep, and aching muscles after a 12 hour crop was all worth it knowing how much this money was going to be appreciated and the sheer number of people it was going help.


This event could not be possible without the wonderful group of croppers, sponsors, and volunteers that we have! I feel truly blessed to be involved in such an awesome event with such a committed group.
I hope to see you at the next Crop for the Cure ®.